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Our credo: people and performance. Teamwork and effectiveness are no buzzwords, they are part of a culture. Culture is made and nurtured by people: your most important asset. 

Self learning and development tools for better
work productivity, teamwork and communication

The DiSC test is a simple and powerful people map helping people become a better team, manager, sales or leader

There are Five Behaviors any team can adopt and achieve the ultimate competitive advantage of teamwork 

Improve Business Perfomance Five Behaviors

Quality accreditation and certification programs developed by Wiley give  HR trainers increased credibility


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develop your people and make them agile

Learning Partners Int supports large and small business to develop their most important asset: people. As a result, you have a more engaged and collaborative workforce that can spark meaningful culture improvement in your organization. An effective and shared Business Culture makes the difference in a crowded market. Using trusted DiSC learning tools and building on 20 years experience, Learning Partners Int can help you and your team or organisation make the right steps.

When you partner with Learning Partners Int to develop your people, teams and organisation, you improve and strengthen their Business Culture. You can call us anytime to discuss your needs and explore solutions. 

Improve business performance through better communication

Everything DiSC is a personal development learning experience that measures an individual’s preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC® model. This simple yet powerful model describes four basic styles: D, i, S, and C, and serves as the foundation for the Everything DiSC Application Suite. Participants receive personalised insights that deepen their understanding of self and others, making workplace interactions more enjoyable and effective. The result is a more engaged and collaborative workforce that can spark meaningful culture improvement in your organisation.

Better business performance: Carhartt customer experience

Carhartt built a legacy of leadership, here is the success story. Carhartt produces professional garments or workwear. The company has successfully been "Outworking them all since 1889".

Using Everything DiSC Work of Leaders, Carhartt established a standard language of leadership at all levels of the organization. When Carhartt managers meet, they know if the meeting is about: Vision, Alignment around the Strategy or Strategy Execution. 

This nurtures a culture of collaboration, and diminishes the need for explanation. Because things are clear and messages better understood, engagement soared.

“I want to thank you for one of the most valuable courses I have ever attended. ​I have come away with so much and did already start after Day 1 to use the lessons learned. The course content was well balanced and the course well organised. Well done. Hope that we get the chance to work together again. "

W. MC. Group Vice President, ABB Group

​Some customers we are have been working with

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How does your business performance benefit?

How can your organisation or team benefit from DiSC or Five Behaviors tools and solutions?

Understanding DiSC is simple and straightforward. By talking about and adjusting behavior, people create more productive relationships or interactions. They become easier to understand. Indeed, with small changes in habits, you can produce lasting results and improve relations. As a result you install a positive culture, that people appreciate. This positively impacts engagement.

What can you use DiSC or Five Behaviors for? The list is fairly long here it is: 

  • On the job coaching in sales, management, leadership or team collaboration skills
  • Management training
  • Sales Training
  • Conflict management and behavior
  • Team building and teamwork
  • Communication in all kinds of settings, i.e. customer service

What's in it for you? 

Everything DiSC (note the undercase i) is the most used DISC assessment and learning material for a reason: 

  1. It's easy to get and remember
  2. DiSC measures observable behavior
  3. DiSC benefits from intensive research and validation.
  4. Using DiSC engages people, who discover a new way to talk about behavior that is not threatening or judgmental
  5. Disc involves both individuals and the team, since it is all about relationships and how we can work more effectively together
  6. DiSC is more than "nice to know", its about owning a result, and improving how you collaborate, manage, lead or sell to other people

What's in it for your organisation and how does DiSC influence culture?

  1. Corporate and practical: Everything DiSC was developed with teams and the workplace in mind, starting with Workplace and other applications, such as management, leadership, conflict or sales. Consequently, instead of labeling people according to their style, Everything DiSC offers actionable suggestions on how to improve collaboration in the workplace and how to get closer to proven best practice leadership behaviors (Everything DiSC Work of Leaders application)
  2. Easy and flexible to use: Everything DiSC assessments are administered on the EPIC platform, which any person can use easily. You can have consultants facilitate DiSC Workshops using the corresponding Facilitation Kit, and participants receive an email in their inbox to click on, and respond to the online questionnaire, whether they are on a PC, MAC or any device including smartphones.
  3. Accurate: research proves again and again that Everything DiSC is accurate and validated, representing the participant's preferences with astonishing accuracy. The report is in-depth and the tips, strategies and action plans are compelling.

What's in it for the facilitator or coach?

  1. Getting certified makes sense but is left to the appreciation of the facilitator or coach s/he is not forced into anything.
  2. Facilitation kits make coaching and facilitation easier with compelling video, PowerPoint material, participant handouts and leaders guide.
  3. The accuracy of the Everything DiSC or Five Behaviors instrument is also an asset to the facilitator or coach. Knowing you can trust the tool alleviates any possible doubts and gives the confidence to facilitate discussions that can sometimes become more engaged.
  4. Continued learning is possible on the companion website Learning does not stop at the end of the workshop. Participants can generate Comparison Reports  with any other participant of their choice and the facilitator or coach can use this material to spark even more compelling discussions on personal differences and how to bridge them while staying who you are.

Your partner

Disc partners distributes:

  1. Wiley Everything DiSC ;
  2. Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessments​ ;
  3. ​Facilitation material ​;
  4. Additional tools. 

Like with all psychometric tools, they are a means to an end.

We support companies, small or large, installing a culture of better work performance.  But also a culture of collaboration! Help and advice are available to teams and organisations who use DiSC. We stay available while you implement behaviors that support performance

In summary, our aim is to: 

  • make doing business with us as easy as possible for you ;
  • help HR professionals using psychometric tools to install a performance and collaboration oriented culture.

Customers first : we certify HR corporate facilitatorstalent managers and independent consultants on DiSC Products. Because our purpose is to make DiSC assessments and learning content easy to use, we help our customers focus priorities that matter.